About Us

So when we say “we” are taking this epic kindness road trip, who exactly are “we”?


Lisa has always wanted to drive the entirety of Route 66, but never had a particularly good “excuse” for doing it. Sure, there’s a LOT to do in California, but it’s also a darned long drive. Doing little acts of kindness while taking in the sights will make this trip even more special.


Jean is a literal kindness hero. She runs her own blog where she shares small, manageable acts of kindness that anyone can fit into their day. She even dressed up her minivan as a Gish-style portable kindness capsule and drove around her town spreading kindness. A road trip most of the way across the country was really the next logical step.

Together, we are going to conquer Route 66, one random act of kindness at a time. Stay tuned and follow us on our journey, coming this fall!