Day Seven Recap

Day Seven includes a little bit of a “for a good time call” shout-out to Crazy Ray’s Twisted Tees at the Cool Springs Station just outside of Oatman, Arizona. This guy is definitely crazy because he all but jumped out into the street to flag us over to check out his shop! He and his wife Cheryl are super nice, and their shop has all kinds of cool stuff in there! Plus, Ray has a very well-practiced routine where he walks you through some fun posts at the Route 66 mark on the road. And there’s no denying, the view at Cool Springs is nothing short of spectacular.

From there we soldiered on to Oatman, Arizona — a place that’s literally considered a ghost town. There may actually be more burros than people living there, but there were plenty of shops and a couple of restaurants to enjoy. And as one might expect, high noon (okay, 12:30) brought an honest-to-goodness gun fight! Did I mention there were burros?

We had probably the wildest ride of our trip after leaving Oatman. There’s nothing quite like driving on the side of a mountain with a steep drop-off and no guard rails! Jean was the badass driver, and Lisa just tried not to panic. But we survived!

Our first stop in California definitely looked like something out of a movie — if that movie was set in a desert, that is. We stopped in Amboy, California to get up close and personal with the Guardian Lions of Route 66. How they got there remains a mystery, but it was surreal to find ourselves standing in the Mohave Desert admiring one of them. It was so utterly quiet, especially with the absence of traffic. Travelers before us had left a few items at the lion’s feet, and there was even a guest book for us to sign! Definitely a unique introduction to the state of California. From the desert, we took a brief detour at the Joshua Tree National Park before landing in Burbank — our final hotel stay while attending the Supernatural Giving Back Show. As our ongoing kindness trek continued, we left lots of diapers and wipes in various gas station bathrooms and at the state park.

Allllllllmost at the end!