Day Two Recap

We made it to three states on our journey today! Though admittedly, our time in Kansas was pretty brief, but with a very enjoyable stop.

We started off visiting a couple more “world’s biggest” items — something Jean was especially interested in — the world’s largest bottle of catsup and the world’s biggest rocking chair. No confirmation as to whether the bottle was actually filled with catsup (or how long it might have been in there *shudder*), and we couldn’t sit in the rocking chair it was so big! But they were sights to behold.

Our Kansas stop was to visit Cars on the Route, a cute little shop and restaurant with real-world versions of Tow Mater and Red from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. Lisa’s family has been into Cars for years, and the nostalgic vibe of the film was one of the things that solidified her interest in taking this road trip in the first place. So it was a must-see.

Finally, we ended the day with a visit to the Cherokee Rainbow House in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Chief Elder Jack Hummingbird was the first person Lisa interviewed as a new writer with Random Acts, and it was wonderful to get the chance to meet in person. (Check out the article about the Rainbow House on Random Acts’ website.) We were thrilled to get to visit Rainbow House and learn more about the work they do to take care of those in need, not just in their immediate community, but all over the area.

Of course, we had to leave a trail of kindness in our wake! Over the three states we traveled, we:

  • Donated to a birthday fundraiser for Random Acts on Facebook
  • Donated to the Lions Club on our way to find catsup 🙂
  • Left small toys and games for the great-great-granddaughter of the original owner of Wrink’s Market in Lebanon (not Kansas, but still very cool!)
  • Left generous tips at Wrink’s and later at IHOP after meals
  • Donated household goods and money to Rainbow House

Day three starts off in Tulsa!