Day Three Recap

Oklahoma was a real joy for us! We started off with a beautiful serene visit to the Blue Whale of Catoosa. Jean said she could practically hear the kids splashing and playing. But early on a Sunday morning, it was very quiet and peaceful.

Lisa had read about a man named John Hargrove, who turned his entire house into a massive art installation, so we wanted to try and see it. If you’re driving too fast, you’ll miss it entirely — there are no signs, and John doesn’t advertise at all — and if the gate is closed, you’re out of luck. But we found the driveway and the gate was open! So we spent a good hour exploring the place and talking with John. It was the quintessential Route 66 experience.

After that, we visited the famous Round Barn in Arcadia, where a quartet of acoustic folk musicians was performing in the upper level. The acoustics were spectacular! We fueled up at Pop’s Diner just down the road before making our way to Texas.

And the kindness acts continue! Today we:

  • Left a little gift for John Hargrove after visiting his home/art installation 
  • Left diapers and wipes in the restroom at the historic Round Barn in Arcadia
  • Left generous tips at Pop’s Diner in Arcadia – they were crazy busy and everyone working was still friendly and smiling. We loved it!