Day Six Recap

Okay, confession time. We aren’t just driving Route 66 on this trip. Part of the reason we hauled boogie through states we’re familiar with, like Illinois and Missouri, was to squeeze in a departure from the Route to visit the Grand Canyon. After all, when you’re planning to spend eight days in a car, a two-hour detour is no big deal. But the Grand Canyon? Yeah. That’s a big deal.

We did still have time for an act of kindness today—leaving treats and a scented candle for housekeeping at the Wigwam Motel. Man, that was a blast. And we took a pit stop in Winslow, Arizona to see a certain street corner. During both our sightseeing stops in Winslow and at the Grand Canyon, we had fun taking photos of strangers for them, and they took photos for us. Everyday kindnesses, for sure, but definitely fitting with our kindness trek.

By this time tomorrow, we’ll be in California!

Day Five Recap

Spent a lot of time on the road today, though a random stop for necessities at the local drug store also gave us an opportunity to hand out the wonderful homeless kits that Jean put together before we started out. Very glad we were well-prepared for when that particular need for kindness showed up.

We also found the Singing Road outside of Albuquerque, and visited the Sky City in Acoma Pueblo where we got to learn about pottery making and how it’s been done for generations. The only stop we missed was the Navajo Code Talkers Museum in Gallup—we got there fifteen minutes after it closed.

But! We got to spend the night in a wigwam! Talk about the quintessential Route 66 experience!

Listen to the Singing Road!