Time to Hit the Road

This fall, we’re taking an epic road trip down Route 66 — or what’s left of it — taking us all the way from Chicago, IL to Burbank, CA for Creation Entertainment’s Giving Back Show (a Supernatural Convention). Along the way, we’ll witness the majesty of the Mother Road and spread some acts of kindness to strangers we meet along the way.

Want to ride shotgun with us? Of course you do!

Know of a must-see stop on our kindness road trip? Tell us about it! Got an idea for an act of kindness? We’re all ears! And if you’re near our route, find us and say hello! Maybe we can even do a little kindness mischief together.

As Supernatural fans, we’ve found ourselves looking in the rearview quite a bit lately, as our beloved show tells the end of its story. The road so far has been amazing; now it’s time to head out on the highway and keep the kindness business going.

We’ve got work to do.